Exploring the Farmers Market


So we decided to venture out to the Farmer’s Market Today in Salt Lake City.  It was very busy, but enjoyable until our colds starting kicking our butts.  There were a lot of available greens, which we didn’t need thanks to our backyard garden.  We did pick up some pepper plants though and some eggs. I’ll be SO glad when the chickens are laying. DSCF8367

Little Farm Chick didn’t last too long either.  She kept complaining about sand in her shoes…sigh.  She really enjoyed seeing all the HUGE dogs.  Their were some amazing pastries and pies I wish I would have picked up.  I’m trying to be frugal though and that just seemed like too much of a splurge.  DSCF8369They had a local bird rescue though that we really enjoyed.  Check out this guy!  What a turkey.  We are definitely not zoned for turkeys.  In fact the rescue guy said a lot of birds are given up because the owners didn’t check their local ordinances before raising one of these beauties.


Aren’t the feathers on this chicken fabulous?


Shadows.  I wish we could have stayed longer.  I’d love to come back when fruit is in season and load up on a lot of goodies.  It would be a dream come true to be able to have my own farm stand some day, but I’d need a bigger lot to make that a reality.  At least for now I can enjoy the market.