Our Visit to Oates Acres

Last Summer we had a chance to visit Oates Acres.  It is beautiful little homestead in northern Utah in a small little town.  It doesn’t take long to walk from the beginning of the town to the end.  Devin and Lexie have really created a beautiful haven.  They have dogs, cats, three goats, and chickens.  Devin is a master gardener and he had rows and rows of good things growing.  At harvest time they generously gave us butternut and spaghetti squash.  I wish I had loaded up on more because I ate them quickly and it will take hours for me to get back to them to get more.

During our visit my girls loved visiting with the goats and chickens.  They have a few exotic chicken breeds with fluffy, feathered heads.  We enjoyed sitting outside in the warm summer air, roasting marshmallows and chatting.  It made me wish we could move to a little town too, but with my husband and I attending college we need to stay where we are for now.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds at Oates Acres as time goes by.  I know they have a lot of ideas and adventures planned.