Did you know Beets can rock your world?

So I had pretty lovely weekend.  My husband helped me deep clean the house, we watched fun movies, and went on a driving adventure yesterday and ended up in a canyon we’d never explored before.  When the road became a rocky dirt path I was grateful we’d recently bought a 4-wheel drive car.  We couldn’t go as far as we’d like because our car doesn’t have a lot of clearance.  The air sure smelled wonderful up in the mountains.  Before we headed out for our adventure I put together a lovely Father’s Day dinner.  I used a lot of veggies from the garden including these beautiful, little beets.


When I was a child I absolutely didn’t care for beets.  I only knew their gelatinous form in salad bars.  There is nothing like a roasted beet.  It is savory and sweet at the same time.  I am growing golden and red beets this year and I love the diversity they provide on a plate.  The easiest way to cook beets is to chop off the root and tops, wrap them individually in foil with a little olive oil and cook for 45-60 minutes in a 400 degree oven.  Then the skin easily comes off when you rub them with a paper towel leaving the beautiful, tender flesh.

I read that the beet greens can be eaten as well.  I first tried them raw and instantly disliked the strong acidic bitterness.  I couldn’t give up though.  I chopped the stalk up, shredded the greens, and warmed some olive oil in a pan.  I cooked the chopped stalk until tender and then added the greens to quickly cook. I topped with Italian dressing and mixed in some blue cheese.  I then placed the sliced beets on top and gave them a quick stir.

My husband is not a beet fan, and when he saw me cooking them I know he was worried that he was going to have to eat the putrid vegetable on his special day.  He was pleasantly surprised at how good it all tasted and even went back or the last helping, which is a testament to him liking a food.

I was so pleased the greens were edible since they are so nutrient packed.  It really is so much produce to waste.  Now I can’t wait for more of the beets to ripen.  It is fun to grow new things and I’m grateful I have a family that is willing to go along for the ride.

When was the last time you tried something new?


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