The One Who Does the Garden Chores Gets First Pick

After the chicken chores this morning I started watering the garden, when I saw this little red strawberry.  It is nearly impossible to see under the overgrown grape and the sage bush.  I’ve never had much success with strawberries, probably because they are in this bed which is overrun already.  There is one little luscious strawberry that has been produced this year.  I didn’t hesitate when I saw it.  I immediately popped it in my mouth.  It was so sweet and delicious, and a bit crunchy, since I’d forgotten to spray the dirt off it.  Little farm chick came right out and asked if I’d eaten the strawberry.  I had to confess that I had.  She searched in vain for another one, but had no luck.  Luckily I had other garden goodies to share.


Snow Peas!  I’ve never had much luck with peas.  I usually have planted them too late, or didn’t give them support, but this year they have been very happy.  I usually don’t care for pea pods, but these are pretty good just off the vine.  They are loving their vertical support, and all the rain.  They actually took off when we starting getting some really warm, sunny days.  Little farm chick loves to nibble the sides and then open up the pod.  She thinks the little baby peas inside are just so cute.


The cherry tree is covered in fruit.  I have yet to have a ripe one though.  Some of them are so close.  Almost every time I look outside there are two to three birds munching happily away at the cherries.  Anyone have ideas on how to keep birds away?  I used to have a fake owl, but I think the neighbor kids may have run off with it. This is what I get for not having a fenced in backyard.


I’m pretty sure birds may be the culprit for these nibbled radish sprouts as well.  Sigh.  There are some pretty large trees in our neighborhood since all the houses were built in the 1950’s.  I love the trees, and I like birds, but I wish they wouldn’t treat my garden like an all you can eat buffet.


The marigolds are starting to bloom.  Flowers are a first in my vegetable garden this year.  I am hoping it will not only add beauty but keep bugs away as well.  You can see my tomato plants need some pruning and training if they are going to climb the vertical fencing.  I really need to start feeling better.  Darn zombie cold.


The amaranth is really taking off, in fact I think I may have a volunteer one a few squares over.  It will be interesting if they try to take over the bed.  I’ve sowed some amaranth in the chicken run and I’m really hoping that it will take off there as well.  With the ground being so compacted though I think we’ll be lucky.  I have seen some little sprouts so maybe it will work.  Here’s hoping.



2 thoughts on “The One Who Does the Garden Chores Gets First Pick

  1. There was a cute book I used to read to my kids when they were small – the name escapes me now (love my mental-pause moments), but it was about a chicken who grew all the wheat to make homemade bread. The chicken asked everyone to help her care for and harvest the wheat as well as make the bread – no one would help…..UNTIL the bread was finished and piping hot – then everyone wanted her to share. The moral of the story, if you didn’t help with all the other chores you don’t get to share the bread. Your post reminded me of that story. 🙂

    • The book is The Little Red Hen! It’s a great one. Maybe we’ll need to read it again. My littlest daughter loves to help. The older ones will help with the hens, but not the garden. Granted, they were a great help when I was canning last year, and that is something.

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