The Escape Door


When my husband was building the run he put in another door.  It actually allows you to get to a tiny, dark walkway between the garage and our neighbor’s fence.  It is a scary place to walk, and it has old fence poles from previous owners.  I couldn’t imagine why in the world we would need access to that space from the run.  Wes put it in any way, he said just in case we needed access, and I continued to shake my head.

One evening I was doing chicken chores when little farm chick came to join me.  She pulled the door shut from the inside and suddenly I heard a click.  She’d locked us in.  The latch to our main door had totally engaged and we were stuck. I panicked for a bit, but then I remembered that door, the one that I thought had been so silly.  There are times I’m especially grateful for Wes’s ingenuity.

Oh, and I will neither confirm nor deny if I’ve gotten locked in again, while on my own.


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