Small Space? Not a problem!

So some of you may feel like you can’t garden or have chickens because your space is just too small.  I calculated today how large our property is.  You’ll never believe it but it is only 1/6 of an acre.  No joke!  It is tiny, but it is mine, and I have fallen in love with the improvements we’ve done over the years.  My house is even smaller.  It is an early 1950’s bungalow.  I am sure it was a first time home for a young family.  With the 5 of us space can be tight, but we’ve come to find that being close, physically and emotionally, is a good thing.  Even though our lot is small I’ve loved having the opportunity to grow our own food and raise chickens.  I was going through my mobile photos from the last few gardening seasons and found some gems.

Last year we hade one grapevine.  It went crazy and produced so many grapes!  I taught myself to can from books and videos and made lots of grape jam and grape juice.  It was a bit of a process since the grapes are seeded. My girls were a big help though.  We also ended up with a lot of watermelon, much more than we could eat, so watermelon jam was next!

10352757_10203829096984334_8952610567824410332_n (2)


Last year I gardened by covering the raised boxes with black plastic and cutting holes for the plants.  A drip line kept things growing well.  It is a very low maintenance way to garden.


Remember how I said I don’t do usual plants?  I guess I did have some red tomatoes this year, but the zucchini was yellow, the tomatilos were purple, and the cherry tomatoes were yellow and purple.


At the end of the growing season there are usually a lot of tomatoes left on the vines that haven’t quite ripened.  Instead of lining every surface of my little home with tomatoes and waiting for them to ripen, I made my new favorite, pickled green tomatoes.  They are so good on a sandwich or in egg salad. Yum!

10441462_10203976080058819_4626542990509297049_n  Even if you only live in an apartment there are always pots that can be placed on a porch.  These little peppers were beautiful and gave quite the kick!   They started out purple, but continued to go different colors until they turned fully ripe and red.  I still have some in my freezer and I’ll occasionally pop one in a dish to liven things up.  10435982_10203249345410907_7521646575556459255_n

In any space you can find room to grow a little something for yourself.  You’ll be happy you did!


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