Removable is Better

The pullets (young hens) spent their entire day out in the run today.  Even when it rained they stayed outside.  They hung out under the coop and the minute the rain stopped they were off pecking and exploring again.  As the evening went on I was very worried I’d have to corral them to bed.  I went out around 8:30 and I was thrilled to see the hens in the coop on their own.  Since the girls spent 3 weeks in the coop before getting a chance to explore full time they really learned where their home is.  They are pretty good to use the roost bar to sleep which is great. It will mean less problems with nest box sleeping.   My first flock I had to train to use the roost bar to sleep.


I love the design of the roost bar in this coop.  It is fully removable thanks to metal rings and wood dowels.  The dowels slide into the rings and are pretty secure.


The roost bar can get messy quickly.  Chickens poop a lot, and when they are roosting they still poop.  Luckily my roost bar pops right out and within a few minutes of spraying and scrubbing it is almost as good as new.


I actually used an exterior grade paint on the roost so it will withstand the sharp claws and scrubbings.  So far so good.


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