My Amazing Bedframe Door and Poison Panic

The run is pretty much done!  Wahoo!  I am SO excited.  One of my favorite features now is this wonderful door.  My husband incorporated a vintage bedframe to make this beauty.  It probably needs to be painted, which will be my job, but currently I’m enjoying it’s natural beauty.  The door is strong and heavy, which makes me happy.  The door failed on our last run which lead to our flocks demise, so this one has to be predator proof.  It even has two locks.


Wes also constructed this beauty today, the chicken ladder.  I’ll also need to paint it as well.  One of my favorite things about the ladder is that it is fully removable.  It also hinges up and out of the way if needed.



It was pretty funny seeing the chickens come out of their chicken door for the first time to check everything out.


The absolutely loved exploring their big space. We leveled out the run a little.  There are just a few small things left to be done, but they can safely roam now.  Funny enough though I had an absolute moment of panic this evening. See that large prickly weed on the right.  My husband assumed it was milkweed, since it does have a milky fluid when cut.  The hens love it and were nibbling it like crazy.  It is all over the run.  Some of the bigger stalks were pulled because we weren’t sure it was good for them.

DSCF8256After I put the hens to bed I started researching milkweed.  Turns out it is absolutely deadly to chickens.  I suddenly had visions of finding all of my hens stone cold dead in their coop.  I typed frantically trying to find images of milkweed. None of the images matched our weeds.  After more panicked research I found out it is actually Prickly Lettuce and it is great for chickens.  Now I’m wishing I hadn’t pulled any of it.  Hopefully it will spread.  I would have never said that before with a weed. Turns out the bindweed, which I always thought was morning glory, may be mildly toxic though.  I never saw our other hens eat it though.  Fun times!   I am also planning on planting Sunflowers, Amaranth, and Flax.  All in due time.


2 thoughts on “My Amazing Bedframe Door and Poison Panic

  1. Since you’re already doing the research, I’d LOVE to see a list (with photos) of all the plants that would poison chickens. My property has just about every veggy and herb known to man on it, and am getting chickens in a year. Am already scared for them!

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