The Easiest Roast Chicken Ever

Sunday dinners are the best!  I love it when I can actually take time to make something supper yummy.   Sundays can often be busy for me though.  My girls and I attend three hours of church on Sunday, and I help out in the Young Woman’s program so I sometimes have meetings as well.  Today was one of those days. I was still able to make a tender, moist chicken with only 10 minutes of prep work.    No, I am not super woman, far from it, but with the help of the crock pot roast chicken turns out perfectly every time. All you need is a whole chicken, onion, apple, celery, butter or coconut oil, and herbs.  Cut up the onion, apple and celery and stuff it in the cavity of the bird.  It keeps the chicken wonderfully moist and gives it a great flavor.  I had the younger girls gather herbs from the garden.  I’ve been lucky that I have a few hardy herbs that come back year after year.  This year we have sage, parsley and oregano.  Give the herbs a rough chop and mix them into a couple tablespoons of butter or coconut oil.  I used coconut oil since my oldest can’t have dairy.  Spoon the herb mixture under the skin of the top of the chicken.  The skin will actually easily separate from the breasts and allows you get the mixture right against the meat.  Then I spoon a bit of it on top of the skin.


Then sprinkle the chicken with your favorite seasonings.  Today I used paprika, garlic powder, and pepper.  Then put the crock pot on low and let it cook for about 6 hours.


Once it is cooked through take it out of crock pot and let it cool before carving.  The great thing is we usually will have leftover chicken for soup later in the week.  I served it with mashed potatoes , gravy, stuffing and salad.  The sides probably took more time than prepping the chicken.


I was glad we had a larger dinner today.  Wes has been working super hard on the chicken run and doors.  Bless him! As I was leaving for church today I noticed a vintage bed frame we bought years ago for one of our daughter’s rooms. It never worked out though because it was for a full mattress, not a twin. Who has full mattresses anymore? Anyway, I said to Wes “Wouldn’t that be great if we used it for the chicken run door”. Sure enough when I came home from church he was using it for part of the door. I can’t wait to share what it will look like when it is done!

So some of you may be wondering if the roast chicken is one we raised. I’m sad to say it is not. Currently we’ve only had chickens for eggs. We’ve named them and treated them more like pets than farm animals. Someday I would like to take the plunge and raise a few meat birds on my property. In order to make it more economical I would need to learn how to butcher my own birds, which is somewhat intimidating. I think it would be worth looking into though. With all the problems of industrial farming I’d much rather put something homegrown on our table. My youngest girls get quite upset when I talk about it. They know where chicken comes from, but they think it would be hard not to get attached. That may be, but animals are more than just pets, especially if they are ending up on our table. I am hoping in the years to come we can really take the plunge into providing at least our own chickens for the table.


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