Fairy Egg


We got quite the surprise the day after the most recent dog attack.  5 eggs!  We only have four chickens so I would have thought that was pretty much impossible.  The fifth egg as you can see is tiny, quite cute really!  I haven’t had the heart to crack it open yet, but I’m guessing it is yolkless.  I did some research and found out that when a chicken is a new layer, or is quite stressed they can lay a tiny egg like this.  Some people refer to them as fairy eggs.  I’m guessing it is probably Amelia’s since the color most closely resembles her big eggs (far right).  She also was the most stressed so she seems the likely culprit.  I wouldn’t have guessed though that she still wouldn’t have given us a large egg in the same day.  Being a chicken keeper can be quite interesting.


One thought on “Fairy Egg

  1. We got quite a tiny ones when our chickens were just starting to lay. Later we also got a lot of other weird ones like double yolks, bloody yolks, soft shells, etc. It’s fun to see!

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