Surprise Cabbage!


A few days ago my middle daughter came home from school with a plant.  Not just any plant but a cabbage plant, and not a regular cabbage plant, but a “Mega-Cabbage”.  The plant was well watered, but some of the leaves were really drooping, so we snipped the drooping leaves.  Since we couldn’t plant it right away I figured that would help it survive some of the stress. I soon learned after the plants arrival that Bonnie Plants has a 3rd Grade Cabbage program. The letter that came home with the cabbage said “Bonnie Plants wants to share our love of vegetable gardening by giving you a healthy cabbage plant for your garden”.  Bonnie plants actually awards $1,000 scholarships to one student from each state.  The winner is selected through a random drawing of each class winner.  My daughter is pretty excited.  She says she doesn’t have to be the winner, but she really, really wants to grow her cabbage.  You can learn more about the program here:

It turns out the cabbage can grow VERY large, so large in fact that the it can weigh over 40 pounds.  It also suggests 4 foot spacing around the entire plant.  I was totally boggled when looking at pictures on the website.  While I think it is pretty great that there is a company encouraging kids and their families to garden, I keep wondering where this monster cabbage is going to go.  Frankly it sounds like it would take up almost 3/4 of one of my planter boxes, and I only have 2 of them for annuals.  So the race is now on to find a spot.  Questions have reeled through my mind like “Do we build another box?  I’ve been wanting more boxes anyway”.  Or thoughts like “I have a lot of rocks we’ve unearthed from the retaining wall project.  Do I build new beds along the fence”.  It is a conundrum.  I’m hoping the weather cooperates so we can find a special spot for the surprise cabbage.


4 thoughts on “Surprise Cabbage!

  1. Mine all died various deaths before they turned into much. One was eaten by deer. One dried up before it was planted. One was watered with soda pop. Good luck! I bet you’ll do better than I did.

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