Free Time


We all need free time once in a while.  Tonight after dinner I sure needed some.  After a busy day with my job I needed some fresh air, so did my girls, and my hens.  Also, there were of course garden and chicken chores.  Now that the snow is melting the coop needed to be moved.  I never like to leave my hens in one place too long.  My two oldest girls are a big help moving our heavy coop.  My youngest likes to latch onto the nesting boxes and push will all her might.


It is a good time to let the chickens out to free range.  They love to dig deep into the dirt to find goodies.  We have to watch them though because they like to go in the garden beds, and that could lead to disasters with our seedlings.  We scoot them out of the boxes while my youngest peals with laughter.


Even the cat, sitting inside on the kitchen table looks on in interest.


I showed my middle daughter how to pick up and hold the chickens.  She kept going from chicken to chicken picking them up.  She was a natural.  They sat calmly in her arms and didn’t try to flap away.


Even after my two youngest daughters succumb to the cold the chickens kept on with their foraging.  One by one I picked them up and placed them back in their run.  They got excited about the new grass, since the coop had been moved, and pecked at the lush green shoots.  It is nice just to take a little bit of time to get out, get down with my girls and the chickens and slow the world down for a bit.



8 thoughts on “Free Time

  1. I was raised on a farm, and really miss many things about the farm life. We have an acre in a country setting, so we just got five chicks this year. We are excited for when they start laying eggs later his year, especially since we got a couple of the colored egg laying Aracaunas. 🙂 Your daughters and chickens are so cute!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! We love our chickens and the Aracaunas are a fun breed. How neat that you grew up on a farm, and that you enjoyed it. Most people that I’ve talked to that lived on a farm as a child are glad to be away from it. My dream someday is to move to a place where we can spread out a bit. Currently we live on 1/7 of an acre. Have fun with those chicks!

      • There wer parts of it I didn’t enjoy. I mean, call me crazy, but what teenager likes shoveling manure?? 🙂 Overall, I loved the farm, the animals, the gardens, the room to roam…it was just really nice. We hope to get a few acres one day ourselves, but for now we do have enough room to do some gardening and have our pets and chickens. 🙂

    • We move it so often so the chickens get fresh greens and so they don’t destroy the grass. The fresh greens are great, but they are still slowly destroying the grass. We are working on making them a permanent spot though since they get fresh greens through our kitchen scraps.

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